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Mission Statement

The mission of Berkley University is to provide a forum for degree candidates seeking self-improvement and personal growth. The university and its policies shall always reflect our belief that all endeavors, especially education, must encompass the mind, the body and the spirit. The underlying values of the university include a respect for the individual and a faith in the natural order of the universe that we share. Where many schools have lost their way, Berkley strives to reflect the simple idea of common sense. .

Academic Philosophy

Berkley University provides self-paced online programs that are custom tailored to meet the needs of the individual degree candidate. Our programs are structured to allow our degree candidates much greater time flexibility when compared to traditional classroom based education. Our programs are candidate-centered which allows for one-on-one interaction with faculty and staff. Much like in traditional elementary and secondary schools today, we water-down when we have to. In other words, our no student will ever suffer, just because they lack the motivation to study, abilty to remember or intelligence to learn. At Berkley University, our students may not be teachable, but they will succeed.

How it Works

You can earn a degree through either Distance Learning, Life Experience Credits or a combination of the two. It should be said that no-one is trying to degrade the efforts of those who have succeeded in completing a degree course, especially in a labor intensive subject or indeed any other subject for that matter; rather we are here to provide for those who have always wanted a degree, but did not have the motivation, ability or funds to do so. Along with this, we see ourselves as an alternative for those who see the flaws in today's educational system. In this, no student will be left behind! All students will pass, graduate and be able to display their diplomas to the world.

At Berkley, we care about your needs - your time - your finances.

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