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Berkley University is a leader in distance education. Listed above are the university's schools of learning. Each college represents an area of distinct knowledge where our students may gain educational credit. The School of Enjoyment represents the study of anything a person may enjoy. This could be food, clothing, even sex. This department is here to reward all of those who enjoy something. The School of Letters and Numbers is an odd department that basically deals with letters and numbers. A student of this department does not have to exactly understand letters or numbers. Still, basic knowledge of them is desired. The School or Artistic Expression was created for all of those who like to express themselves. Talent and knowledge of the arts are optional. The School of Politics and Graft are is seen as a must for anyone who plans to run for office. In these days, it seems more and more that elected officials use these skills, rather than actual knowledge to doe their jobs. The School of Common Sense was the first school created by Berkley University. Basically, this school teaches the skill of using common judgement, rather than from books. In many cases, the educated are bigger fools than the uneducated. Because of this, our School of Common Sense is a must for anyone who needs to make judgements. The School of the Unknown was created for those who study ghosts, UFOs and other paranormal activity. This department also deals with metaphysical activities. The School of Miseducation was created to reteach educators who have been poison by many of the fads and catch-phrases that are killing our educational system. In the past 20 years, America has managed to destroy much of what took thousands of years to create. This department hopes to bring forth educators who will turn back the clock to a time when children actually did learn and teachers were allowed to teach. Finally, the School of General B.S. was created to cover all of the other areas not addressed by our other departments.

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