The History of Berkley University


Berkley University is a tertiary level institution, founded in Berkley, Dominica in 1925 by Dr. Charles Ellison. The idea of Berkley came to Dr. Ellison while drinking with WWI veterans after the war. In those dark, post war days, the American farm economy was in depression with high unemployment exacerbated by large numbers of demobilized troops having re-entered civilian life. He noticed that these men were highly skilled and experienced in their fields, yet lacked any kind of formal qualifications. Through his then Berkley Academy he provided, free of charge, fair assessment of a man’s demonstrated skills. A diploma was provided to allow potential employers to quickly discover the abilities of the veteran he was about to employ. Although Berkley accepted donations where they could be afforded, profit was never a motivation. This lack of a profit motive continues today.

All faculty work on a volunteer basis only, the entire institution is based on cutting program costs, even our website pages are hosted on donated space. All funds raised by our programs are re-invested into the University’s advertising both on and off line. The main function of Berkley is not that of a residential University. Its role is to formally appraise a candidate's existing achievements.

Since taking on independent university status in 1925, Berkley University has graduates from all over the world, each benefiting daily as their Berkley Degree proves an invaluable asset on their road to career success. Berkley University, although operating legally and through personal recommendation until changes in legislation in 1983, has never been a mainstream university.

This history has all been bs of course, but we needed some sort of fictional background for our students to feel proud of.


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