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Our students have earned degrees in one, two, three, four, five, six, eighteen, ten , and seven days.

Our program of study let student decide how fast to go. Only they need to pay money, and our teachers tailer the lessons to that. Note: The CHECK MUST CLEAR!

No need for clumsy going away from the house, Berkley allows you to take class from your very own house or from your work if you have a job and computer there.

Simulation of Educational Break-through Science Online

Of course, with the right level of life experience, this is not needed. For most, this is the case.

For our hardest cases, they may use the Smart-o-matic 6000. Below, is an example. Just look at it and feel yourself becoming smarter. After five minutes of looking at it, you will have all the knowledge you seek. As you can see, it actually shows what is happening to your brain as you learn the material.


The future is now! Learning can happen without doing anything!


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